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An Indigenous Perspective on Compensation

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

At NARS Consultants, LLC we believe in a culture of reciprocity. Our perspective on payment and services is one of transparency and honorable intentions. In such a structure, the Client-Partner pays NARS financial compensation and NARS provides the Client-Partner with honest and honorable work. We will be genuine, trustworthy, and kind. The work we will provide will consistently be of our highest quality.

When we talk about reciprocity, we mean this: as Indigenous people, our wealth is not stored in goods, resources, or money. Our confidence in our “economy” is not based on the stability of markets or the demand or supply of goods. When we have enough, we give the rest to our neighbors because we have faith that they will reciprocate that generosity. Our wealth is our people; our confidence is our faith in the people. When we join with our partners for projects and services, we hope and expect our partners to be as enthusiastic.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services. We hold a unique set of experiences which lend themselves to valuable insights and perspectives on problem solving for our client-partners. Our experiences as Indigenous people are rare to encounter in the professional consulting world and we hold expertise in a wide array of specialties ranging from rangeland management to Tribal governance and Federal Indian Law.

We price our projects based on a sliding scale that takes into account the complexity of the desired services and so that we may maximize the amount of work that we can do for Tribes and Tribal/Indigenous organizations who often have less access to financial wealth.

Often in our line of work consulting for corporations or higher institutions of learning, we willingly must subject ourselves to unintentional racism, intellectual bias, and cultural ignorance in order to better educate and advise our client-partners. This requires not only the physical and mental labor of consulting, but also the emotional labor of recovering from such instances of friction. We understand that these moments of ignorance will happen, it is why we are providing our client-partners with our services; they must be allowed the safe space to be able to learn and grow. A part of that process is to make mistakes. Historically, BIPOC and specifically Indigenous people have been undercompensated for our labor. For hundreds of years, Native people have been forced to accept lower wages and pay than white or assimilated Westerners. Due to these factors, NARS views price negotiation to be off of the table. If you are our neighbor, have faith that we will accommodate your financial parameters as we have faith in your desire to respect the importance of this work.

Our intent is to undo the damage of the past and to stop the continuation of such colonial practices in the workplace through Indigenizing the way business is conducted. Please join us in honoring Indigenous people in this way.


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