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Please read our views on our client responsibilities and our philosophy on compensation. 


NARS Consultants advise a range of institutions, companies, organizations, and agencies on Tribal issues.​

  • Advising sessions are $300./ 1 hour session

  • Advising Package

    • 3 Advising Sessions per month​

    • Over 6 month Duration

    • $5,000.


Public Speaking

NARS Consultants charge a $5,000. fee for keynote public speaking engagements. Tribal Entities and organizations, please inquire for a sliding scale rate.


DEIB EAGLE Series (Live)

  • Each Online Module Includes 1 Lecture, 1 Workshop, 1 Coaching Session, and Peer Support Guidance for $2,800

  • Series Package

    • 6 Course DEIB Series

    • $16,000.


Curriculum Building, Entity Development, Education, Editing, & Writing

NARS charges a flat rate per project. Please email for an initial consultation. 

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