Native Drums


NARS seeks partnerships with those who want to build power to provide tools and services for and with Indigenous and Native American communities in order to transform the daily lives of Native People everywhere. 

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Our Partnership Commitment

By building a collaborative partnership with Native Americans for Restorative Stewardship, our clients receive a team of Native American legal professionals to support their projects with services that include: consultation, development, capacity building, education, communications and access to our network. NARS commits to provide excellent management, quick response times while Indigenizing our business relationships and projects for the purposes of protecting Mother Earth and all her children.


Our commitment is anchored in building healthy collaborations.

We seek partnerships with those who want to make real changes with Indian Tribes in order to redistribute resources and tools in sustainable, and impactful ways. 

We choose partnerships over other types of client exchanges because, in order to enact radical social change, we are not looking for a simple financial exchange for services; we are looking for those who are interested in joining us on this journey of social and political change. 

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An Indigenous Perspective on Compensation