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The EAGLE DEIB series curriculum is designed by Indigenous collegiate-level educators and designed for businesses, non-profits and agencies. Each Module includes a live online lecture provided by our EAGLE team. Education does not stop after watching a Module lecture. We aim to make this program ongoing and sustainable for your group to enable a company cultural shift. We support this change by including with each lecture.

  • Peer Support Groups

  • Tools to assist with company cultural shifts

  • Course handouts & booklists

  • Additional coaching


1. Introduction to EAGLE (Required Preparatory Course)

2. How To Be A Good Ally

3. The Key Dynamics of Oppression in Society

4. Introduction To Native American Studies

5. LGBTQIA2+ and Dismantling Toxic Masculinity

6. Sex and Gender In the Workplace

  • Basic Services includes live online DEIB lectures

    • 6 Module Course Series

    • Single lectures available

    • Each Module is approximately 90 minutes long

    • Each Module includes lecture handouts

    • EAGLE course coaching tools

    • Each Module guides your EAGLE Peer Support Group

  • Basic Services Cost for Live Online Education

    • Beginning with a team of 1-10 people

    • 90 minute module $450.00

    • 6 module series $2575.00

    • Do you have a team larger than 10?

  • Additional Services include: 

    • Facilitated & Interactive Meetings or Webinars​

      • 90 minute sessions $450.00​

    • Live Online Workshops to Accompany Lectures

      • 90 minute sessions $450.00​

    • Live Online Custom Workshops​​​

      • 90 minute sessions $450.00​

    • Live Online Coaching Sessions

      • 60 minute sessions $300.00​

Rough Surface

Awareness comes with time and self observation. Each of the EAGLE Modules include exercises on self assessment. We call these exercises "Macro to Micro exercises." NARS can only help you to become aware of your current belief system. If you seek self change, we can not change your belief system for you. You must do this. We do believe that significant improvements of awareness can be made to your belief system or that of your team or company culture when you engage in the EAGLE series with an open mind. 


Throughout the Module Series, the EAGLE team will  provide guidance to your Peer Support Groups. While it is not necessary to form a Peer Support Group to access the lecture, we strongly recommend Peer Support Groups to promote company cultural shifts. 

NARS Consultants have teamed up with AB Coaching for the EAGLE Series. Our Life Mindset and Communication Coach, Antonio Bonilla, is available for private and team coaching sessions. 

The EAGLE Team understands that People of the Global Majority who enter into the EAGLE series with their co-workers may have a different experience going through the series than their white colleagues. EAGLE has built mentorship into the EAGLE Workshops offering support to People of the Global Majority within the EAGLE Framework. 

Drops of Water

By shifting your company culture, you contribute to social paradigm growth.

Be a leader in the movement towards inclusivity by:

  • benefiting from the contributions of a diverse team of leaders

  • shifting your belief system to develop empathy towards People of the Global Majority

  • understanding your way of relating to others around you

  • mitigating trauma responses and triggers for yourself and others in the workplace

  • utilizing your Peer Support Group beyond the EAGLE series

Half Full Moon

A Call to Action! Be a leader in the movement of inclusivity by developing real Empathy.​​

  • Develop inclusive company policies

  • Understand how to help your current diverse employees to BELONG at your company

  • Expand the amount of new diverse employees at your company

Need a hand?

Did you know that NARS Consultants has an Indigenous legal team? We can help your company to develop policy changes and advise on methods on how to expand your DEIB hiring outreach.

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