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The EAGLE Series is a library of course curriculum developed by Indigenous collegiate-level lecturers for Indigenous Peoples and for those who seek Indigenous inclusion in their businesses, institutions, or agencies. 


EAGLE is a course series that combines education with coaching. 

Our children are sacred. Our ancestors were once children. Rich Tribal cultural heritages since time immemorial to present day living traditional practices are untold in the American educational system. Semester after semester, students enter into college Introduction to Native American Studies and Federal Indian Law I classes with feelings of betrayal after realizing they were being lied to about the relationships between Tribal and American history.  Our Native children must have access to the truth about their Tribal history in the elementary school system. They should have education that is inclusive of their lifeways and traditions. The distance between Tribally inclusive education in the elementary, high school, and even at university level is vast. Native Americans for Restorative Stewardship is dedicated to bringing Indigenous educational access to all. Let us acknowledge and repair the boarding school trauma that our child ancestors endured by bringing educational balance back into Tribal communities and introducing it into society. 

Education is a seed for belief and action. 

EAGLE is an acronym for Education, Awareness, Guidance, Leadership, and Empathy. Those who take an EAGLE course will receive an education course designed by Indigenous Peoples with an Indigenous perspective. Students will receive the seed of education, that may spark awareness, with guidance through coaching, groups of students will lead peer support workshops to develop a deeper connection with themselves, their Peoples, Mother Earth and all her creatures. 

The first EAGLE series developed is the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, & Justice series. This series focuses on aiding institutional changes in society for improved inclusivity of Indigenous Peoples and People of the Global Majority.

NARS is in the process of creating new curriculum on Historical Trauma Training, Native American Studies courses, Tribal Family based curriculum, Virtual Women's Talking Circles, Federal Indian Law, and Tribal Victim Services Advocacy.

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Talking Circle Lesson Plan

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